Cobra Trooper – Flamethrower Specialist (2008)

Here’s another of the Cobra extreme environment troopers, this time a flamethrower. Well, I think that’s what he’s supposed to be. He actually incorporates elements from a firefighter as well as a flamethrower. The body was donated by Barbecue, the Joe team’s resident fire putter-outer. The weapon comes from Dreadnok Torch, a man who probably loves the phrase “burn it with fire!”

The combo is odd, to be sure. I suppose it’s possible that Cobra uses the troop type in both capacities. Why not double the use of your troops, especially those who probably don’t often get called on for action. If he’s not needed in battle, maybe  he can start the grills at Cobra cookouts.

The paint scheme opens up the possibility of a custom desert Barbecue, in itself an odd thought. Does much firefighting go on in such arid environments? Now that I’m thinking about it, what is there to burn in the desert anyway? Wow, I just realized this is kind of a pointless figure. Oh well, forget I brought it up. Enjoy the pretty pics at least. See you tomorrow.


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