Cobra Moray (2002)

Hey, wait a second, I hear you say. Didn’t you just cover this guy a couple months back? Yes, I did, but this is a recolor. That’s right, the Moray came in two flavors for 2002. The same thing happened for much of the first series of the relaunch, actually. While the other holds a place of distinction for me based on its design and quality paint apps, this one pleases the side of me that goes crazy for bold color. There’s a candy-like quality to the red molded plastic here. It’s almost like licorice. I’m a strange individual.

I also enjoy the fact that they didn’t skimp on the detail the second time around. Even the two-toned pants are still there. My only regret is that the trident and rifle weren’t molded in taffy red. The flippers were, however. Classy move. The whole thing sort of looks like a Cobra sport diver. Maybe this guy could stand in as a foe for a 3 & 3/4 inch Adventure Team, or even the Adventure People. Wait a minute, the Adventure People didn’t have bad guys. Well, they should have.


  • When I hear “Cobra Moray”, I think of that cool boat Cobra had. This is actually a really cool looking Eel.

  • Also, this dude needs a mechanical shark.

  • I just won this guy off of Listia! Although shouldn’t it be a deeper red? Also, I should point out, the Moray came in THREE flavors in 2002. There was the bright blue version that came with the Mantis Sub.

  • I have the BTR version. I too thought the detail was impressive for a T-crotch figure. I appove of this guys colours. He would look nifty on a Moray

  • Congrats on the win, Acer!

    The Adventure People were very PC it seems, so no villains. I always wondered about the space characters, though. The X-Ray Couple looked pretty ambiguous and there was a funky black robot who looked kinda Vader-ish. I’m sure that a kid’s imagination could conjure up some nasties from among the various construction workers, divers, and TV cameramen.

    As for the Moray, he would fit in nicely among the current o-ring-less Corps figures.

  • Since you cover Corps as well as GIJoe, would it be too much of a stretch to throw Adventure People in there too? Because let’s be real here- how many of us did not use them with GIJoe?
    By covering AP, I mean their charmingly outdated vehicles too.

  • I do like this figure, but I hate t-crotches. However, some careful frankenjoe surgery with parts of a red v3 Undertow, led to a decent o-ring red Moray. The name had to go as well though. He’s now called Conger; can’t have the same name as a boat.

  • I just noticed how his chest apparatus looks like a Star Wars creation! He’s kinda far out to look GIJoe related, but it’s a good figure.

    I’ve reviewed a few adventure people on my site if you’d like to check it out fellas.

  • I have the black version, which looks very much like a tie fighter pilot. This guy, and the Deep Six that came with him, are put in my generic soldier pile…

  • Good character design sadly not done justice by the lack of o-ring as well as proportions.

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