Sgt. Hacker (2003)

Whenever the Joes encountered a tech or computer issue back in the day, they generally relied on their communications specialists. First, it was Breaker (and Sparks in the toon), then later Dial-Tone. Short-Fuze, Clutch and Steeler’s out-of-the-blue design and build of a killer satellite in the MASS Device mini-series doesn’t count, by the way–that ridiculous thing was shot down in

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Destro (2003)

The 2000’s new sculpt era produced a fair number of re-imaginings of classic core characters. Early in the line, Duke, Cobra Commander, Snake-Eyes, Destro and Storm Shadow received updates that drew some inspiration from their Real American Hero counterparts. Even lesser known figures enjoyed some new molds that differed from the old versions. As the line expanded to its second

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Agent Faces (2003)

Agent Faces, the Joe team’s infiltrator, was a new addition in the Spy Troops line. A natural Joe counterpart to Zartan, he was even packed alongside the infamous master of disguise. While the secrets of Zartan’s abilities remained a mystery, Agent Faces was revealed to be a gifted mimic who was trained to become a make-up artist and create disguises.

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