Agent Faces (2003)

Agent Faces, the Joe team’s infiltrator, was a new addition in the Spy Troops line. A natural Joe counterpart to Zartan, he was even packed alongside the infamous master of disguise. While the secrets of Zartan’s abilities remained a mystery, Agent Faces was revealed to be a gifted mimic who was trained to become a make-up artist and create disguises. Mission Impossible anyone?

The figure is outfitted in more spy attire than military, and looks the part of an action-oriented double agent. Proportions again aren’t quite right; and Faces is subjected to short torso syndrome. The head sculpt leaves me wondering if it wasn’t meant for a Cobra figure, what with the goatee and Caesar haircut. It’s a look that only bad guys can truly rock.

Like Zartan of the same series, he includes two full head masks and a huge black bag to carry them. The masks fit, but the Dr. Mindbender guise looks pretty ridiculous. The other mask, called the Crimson Guard Commander, looks somewhat better. Sure, the masks are goofy, but hey it’s toy after all, and a fun idea.

The attempt at a Joe equivalent of Zartan was a good concept and creditable effort for the time. Agent Faces is a character who could really benefit from a redesign to the modern line’s interchangeability a la Pursuit of Cobra Zartan.


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