DIC Syndication Promo

Attendees of this year’s final JoeCon had a chance to pick up a USB drive chock full of Joe-related pics, video and other information courtesy of Joe Declassified. While perusing the content, I couldn’t help but get excited over this DIC animation promo. Not only because I’m an unabashed fan of the DIC ‘toon, but also because the promo was

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GI Joe Toys That Could Have Been: The MASS Device Vehicles

By Past Nastification Last year I wrote about the DiC cartoon run, where the animated GI Joe continuity went to die. Almost a decade earlier, though, the Joes’ animated life began under the creative direction of Sunbow. Hasbro eventually got around to giving collectors a drizzle of some of the Sunbow world. The MASS Device, Red Cobra Divers, Radiation-exposed Snake-Eyes,

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Animated SHARCs

Continuing from yesterday’s post about the SHARC box art, we present a comparison of the proto-SHARC from the MASS Device mini-series and the more on-model version seen in later episodes of the animated series. I find the early model to be an interesting variation of the more recognizable craft. It was also set up as a two-seater. Convenient! 

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