BTR-Ticles: Cobra Moccasin

by Twitziller

Released as part of the first series of Built To Rule sets in 2003, the Cobra Moccasin is the only Cobra water vehicle in the BTR line.

The Moccasin partially shares a name with one of the most iconic Cobra water vehicles, the Cobra Water Moccasin from 1984. The primary mode is a one-person attack boat which bears a functional resemblance to 1990’s Cobra Piranha.

The included figure is a Cobra underwater elite operations specialist, Moray. The figure features the t-crotch construction that was briefly used during the new-sculpt era. Moray is based on his 2002 G.I. Joe vs. Cobra appearance.

The Moccasin’s secondary mode is a snowmobile. The box and the instructions vary slightly in the placement of the two guns. The instructions show them mounted higher and facing backward:

The box shows them mounted lower and facing forward:

The Moccasin’s weapons include two of the ubiquitous BTR miniguns in metallic blue with silver mounts, and the standard BTR missile launcher in black, with a silver missile.

As demonstrated by the modes included in the instructions, the Moccasin, packing both engine/tread pieces and skis, is well-suited for water vehicle designs and snowmobiles.

The Moccasin includes a large number of pieces with printed decorations, including a pair of useful silver bricks with two-color cobra sigil printing.

Pieces of note include the engine/tread units, the skis and 3 different parts with handlebars or grips.

The Moray is an elite version of the Cobra EELs, who were often seen driving the 1986 Cobra Hydro-Sled, which can be very loosely approximated with the Moccasin’s parts.

Another celebrated Cobra water craft, the 1985 Night Landing, can also be loosely suggested with the set’s parts.

The Cobra Moccasin allows the builder to create many variations on the theme of a single-person, high-speed watercraft.


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