Blowtorch Blowout: Part 3

By Past Nastification

The modern era has given us new versions of Blowtorch. The first, from 2009, is a modern interpretation of the classic 1984 design. It’s packed with detail and sculpting. Plus extra gear that would indicate Blowtorch has some cross-training as a firefighter, which makes sense. Like many modern era figures, the added articulation doesn’t mean that the figure can actually hold its weapons. Likewise, the extra gear is nice, but there’s no way to attach all of it to the figure. The backpack’s curvature indicates that it should sit the same direction as the original ARAH backpack on which it was based. However, the peg position, just below of the base of the neck, requires that it be put on upside down. The mask also has a tab designed to fit inside of the helmet, but good luck getting it to work that way. I may have some of the accessories with the 2009 and 2011 mixed up in the photos. If so, forgive me.

The 2011 Blowtorch is an unnecessary and uninspired recolor of the 2009 figure. In 2014 a re-release (not pictured) was produced with the 50th anniversary star on an arm. Meh. These figures aren’t bad, but they’re so close to the 2009 that Hasbro missed an opportunity to enhance the mold. It could seen as a nice compromise for collectors who weren’t able to find the 2009 when it was in stores.

In 2015 the Blowtorch I’ve wanted since childhood was finally released. It takes the existing modern era figure, including the flaws, but decks it out in subdued military colors. A metallic wash would have artistically cemented the concept that it’s a flame-retardant fabric, but normal plastic looks good. Despite the figure’s inability to hold it weapons well, this is a solid figure. Hasbro would really impress if it did a similar re-color set for Barbecue and Airtight.

Blowtorch is a rare character that’s never really had a bad version. The new sculpt figures are, well, new sculpt- but they have some good features. There’s room for the traditional yellow uniform, the light brown one, and especially the newer subdued one.

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