Belt Buckle Week – Day 5: Razor Trooper (2004)

So if wearing one cool belt buckle is good, then wearing two must be even better. However, the Razor Trooper from 2004 apparently couldn’t make up his mind. He was available in two different (well, slightly) two packs: one with Neurotoxin and one with Sand Scorpion. If you bought one pack, you’d get a figure with two belts, but if you bought the other, you’d get just one. The other difference was in his pack mates. The yellow paint of their pants was slightly different. See, you can learn something new every day if you just loo hard enough.

Regardless of package issues, Razor Trooper sports a pretty spiffy Cobra sigil buckle. I’m actually surprised that this kind of fantastic branding wasn’t more prevalent among the Cobra forces.

Come back tomorrow for the big buckle week finale. I can’t say exactly what the subject is, but the nearest I can refer to will be like the end of a fireworks display.


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