Belt Buckle Week – Day 1: Cobra Commander (2003)

Is there any more American method of expressing important aspects of one’s beliefs or identity other than through an article of clothing? From t-shirts to kerchiefs to trucker caps, folks from all walks of life seem to use this most non-verbal method of communication from time to time. Belt buckles I think are an under-appreciated way of garnering attention, and so I thought it necessary to expose this via a toy blog. Why not? Welcome, one and all, to the inaugural edition of Belt Buckle Week.

Cobra Commander’s initial relaunch o-ringless figure was filled to the brim with snake motifs. The belt buckle was of course no exception. What else should a megalomaniac use to hold up his britches than the head of the deadly hooded serpent. The t-crotch original was refitted shortly after the first release, and a snazzy black repaint followed suit. The snake got a little more bling with a gold paint job. A very regal effect, I say. It may not originate from a well-known figure, but the Commander’s 2003 buckle sure is an attention grabber.

Belt Buckle Week continues tomorrow with a neat little Easter egg from the 80s. Until then, keep your trousers cinched up.


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