Bazooka (2015)

How many times do we need to see Bazooka, considering he’s always seemingly based on a 1980s figure design? Actually, I take that back, as he did get a re-design for the Battle Corps series and during the new sculpt era. Yeah, both of those are pretty cool figures. Which makes me wonder, where the heck is our modern interpretation of Fly Fisherman Bazooka? Maybe he’ll show up in FSS 12.0 alongside Giraffe Pants Leatherneck. One can only hope. For now, we just have to be happy with Blueberry Muffin Bazooka.Bazooka (2015)

I’m finding myself really liking this figure. At first, I wasn’t too sure about the color scheme shared by the Joes in the Sneak Attack pack, but it’s grown on me. The parts change has as well. The Retaliation Roadblock legs work very well here, as the character and its 25th anniversary mold are bulkier than the average Joe team member. The lack of ankle articulation aren’t really missed by me, other than the fact he can’t achieve a one-knee pose for extra stability when firing his missile launcher, but that’s a nerdy toy collector complaint. Wait, all the complaints I make about toys are nerdy. Never mind. Back to my point, the longer legs make a lot of sense here, unlike the stilt-legged new version of Night Fox.

The accessories are again, pretty groovy. The modern figures’ detailed and functional weapons continue to be a big positive for me. With the ability to load shells into his launcher, and to also store it on his backpack, Bazooka is a winner when it comes to his gear kit. However, a color coordinated launcher would have been even cooler.

Bazooka (2015)


  • So he’s camoflaged for a game of football?

  • Of all the Joes, I wonder why the love for Bazooka (and Blowtorch, for that matter)? This is a pretty good figure, but I don’t agree completely with the color scheme. Joes really need to stay away from blue, and the urban theme that started with the Danger at the Docks VAMP had a lot more grey & black. Had they gone that route, ‘Zook might’ve looked a near-Night Force version, and I think people could get with that.

  • Joes in Cobra colors? Not a big fan. Guess you can have play against the other Bazooka in game of two hand touch.

  • With the blue & silver – it looks like he & Dusty were originally meant to go with the “Basalisk” (sans red windshield) before plans changed…

  • Why would they do this? Why???

  • Bazooka is the Grimlock of gi joe….

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