Baroness (2009)

Since the reveal of sideshow’s beautifully rendered 1/6 scale Baroness figure this week, I thought I’d try to dig for a comparable 3 3/4 inch figure. The female form is something of a challenge to render in small scale, and the Baroness’ various plastic incarnations over the years have ranged from passable to downright fugly. The original version is iconic, yet subject to the limits of its time. Then, there’s the first new sculpt era version <shudder>. What about the first 25th anniversary version? Surely it has to be a fairly well-rendered female figure, what with the advances in molding and construction–oh, okay. Never mind.

Things were drastically improved with this version, which came as part of the second Cobra five figure set, released in 2009. Finally, it’s a female figure that has, for lack of a better word, a figure. The proportions seem to be dead on. The figure also benefits from some very detailed silver paint apps, and even the Cobra sigil gets a nice clear paint job.

I like the rifle, a holdover from the first 25th anniversary figure. It’s a dangerous yet sleek looking weapon, and a marked improvement over the overly large 1984 version. No cobra backpack was included this time out, but did anyone really miss it? I must have fifty of those things in my parts boxes.

This is a Baroness for the ages, and one of the most stunningly rendered 3 3/4 inch female figures ever made. Simply amazing.


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