Baroness (2010 Resolute)

The Baroness from the second Cobra five pack is one of my favorite action figure renditions of the character. It’s not often in mass release toy design that the female figure is rendered so well in terms of both proportion and articulation. Thankfully, the same body was used for this version representing the Baroness of the Resolute animated special.

The costume designs and the associated toys were my favorite elements of Resolute. The tone and voice acting weren’t what I expected, especially considering GI Joe’s animation history. At least the show gave us a Baroness attired in something other than black, blue or red. The grey is a nice change of pace. Even though there are a couple of odd bits; the head comes off looking a bit odd, and the half-painted thigh boots are strange, I still like the figure overall. Just be careful and don’t misplace her tiny glasses. I enjoy the modern improvements in removable gear, but itty-bitty parts like these are just begging to be lost in the carpet.


  • What Resolute really needed was a bigger voice cast.

  • Resolute had a lot of potential. If it had a bigger budget, cast and such theres no telling where it would be now. If it was a series then it may have bought in larger audinaces and distribution wouldnt be so poor these days. We wouldnt all be winging about not being able to find Night vipers at Walgreens.

    As for this figure. Is it just the angle of the photo or does she look like Vampira to everyone else?

  • “As close as we could get to Resolute Baroness” without actually doing any new tooling below the head.

    There were early production samples in dark blue.

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