Zartan (2003 Collectors’ Club)

Zartan (2003)I love clear plastic toys. I can’t really explain it, other than to say there’s some intrinsic coolness to the look. Along with chromed parts or a light-up feature, if I see a toy made of the wondrous material, I’ll probably buy it. My fascination with the stuff probably stems from a purchase of Remco’s Crystar back in 1983.

Although his background as a master of disguise doesn’t necessarily mean that he’s possessed of invisibility powers, it’s not much of a stretch to see him being able to cloak himself as such. The file card of the era actually mentions hologram projectors as part of Zartan’s unique camouflage abilities.

Zartan came with a bevy of clear accessories, including the original 2002 figure’s rifle. The other, older accessories are funky see-through versions of Big Ben’s rifle, 1991 Low Light’s backpack and knife, and neatest of all, Firefly’s rifle and phone. Man, I’d love to have a clear 1984 Firefly.

Zartan (2003)

Zartan (2003)


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