Wet-Suit (2014 Kre-O)

No matter how many Kre-O figures I cover, or how long it is between them, I still enjoy revisiting these little guys. They’re just pure joy to me; nice little blocky breakdowns of the toys I loved as a kid.

Wet Suit (2014 Kre-O)

The class of 1986 was the last set of Real American Hero Joes that I connected with on the same level as the earlier 80s figures. There remained an expectation and a fascination with the designs and characters that had been continuing since my toy focus left Star Wars in 1983. Figures lime Beachhead and Wet Suit were quick favorites. The previous diver, Torpedo, had been one of my most used figures, and Wet Suit proved to be the next level in terms of design and accessories. With a colorful paint scheme, more detailed gear and incredible card art, he replaced old Torpedo fairly quickly.

This Kre-O interpretation utilizes many of the same parts as his diver predecessor, but adds an element that the final series of the blind bag figures really nailed. The hand-held jet unit obviously wasn’t something that could be created using off the shelf accessories as a single piece, so we ended up with a micro build. It’s a simple thing, but in the end is just what the figure needed.

Again, painted details are on-point and the details are exacting, down to the straps as well as the logo on the figure’s breast. The dive suit’s colors tend more toward a brighter shade than the original, and the entirely bare arms don’t match with the vintage figure, nut I’m not complaining when the overall effect brings back such great memories of the original.

Wet Suit (2014 Kre-O)

Wet Suit (2014 Kre-O)


  • I have more of a connection to the ’86 guys as when i was a kid, my area video stores only seemed to have season 2 episodes.
    That said, I like the fact that this version of Wetsuit comes with something other than a sled.

  • Figures like Wet Suit, with the micro-build sled, really show how well Hasbro was doing Kre-O around Wave 3-5. Justified the $4 cost, too. Tiny issue with his bare arms, but there are some Transformer guys with light blue shoulders that look good swapped on.

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