• I don’t know, it’s not that bad a vehicle. I could see myself picking up one or two at retail if I’d known about it then. Reminds me of a jacked-up Silver Mirage somehow. The sound features and transforming sidecar certainly make it kid friendly.

    Maybe if the Viper was wearing his classic colors and the cycle had been done in a more traditional Cobra blue, black, or red, it might have scored a better rep.

    Happy Thanksgiving or Average Thursday to everyone on here.

  • Yeah, I don’t think it’s that bad either. I recently got a Chap Mei motorcycle which was similarly huge for my Firefly – http://www.joedios.com/dioramas/showimage.php?i=45759&c=12.

  • Not a bad looking motorcycle. I think the Dreadnoks would have more use for it than Cobra, though.

  • “Permit me to talk turkey” [Drug dealer]
    “Gobble away” [Gene Hunt]

    If i ever saw if i would have picked it up for the driver as it seems like an easy way for me to get a Viper and not have to loose an arm and leg. It seems really out of scale. Maybe it was intended for the dreadknocks as that little basket would be perfect for carrying grape soda and or doughnuts

  • This should probably should have come with the Cobra Coils figure.

  • I think this vehicle would have worked better if it hadn’t been packaged with an old-school Joe. I never picked it up, but I think the new sculpt Joes (like the Coils) would have at least looked a little more in scale with it in the package. Really, I think the Viper would have looked pretty at home with the Treadfire and the Coil could have come over the Venom Cycle pretty easily.

  • @Dekkard That’s some awesome looking ride you gave Firefly. Excellent pics as well.

  • Hard to believe it’s a ten year old item for me.

    Ten years back, I heavily debated on this one, and ultimately did not get one. (Nor did I get the HISS IV (brown one).) The Venom Cycle seemed a little too big to me at the time. I was most interested in the motorcycle/ dirt bike half of the deal. Now, still not a thing for me. With a little more real life motorcycle exposure, the whole side car inclusion on the Venom Cycle is strange, but actually fits as one of those “dangerous to operator” vehicles that Cobra sometimes employs. (in real life, when was the last time anyone saw a side car? It’s trailers these days that I see, or big trikes, or Can-Ams…..)

  • @Clutch – thanks, appreciate the comments

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