Tripwire (Funskool)

Tripwire (Funskool)I normally try have some sort of punchy intro statement when I sit down to write these things, but today, I can only think of two words, folks: Bomb Squad. Bomb. Squad.

Is it really any surprise to see such an oddity of a figure coming from the 2000s era of Funskool’s output? After all, the same period produced the absolutely fabulous Big Brawler and the quite literally equipped Windmill. Again, Funskool’s literalism department was in high gear, and decided that old Tripwire should make known to all just what his job entailed. Then again, maybe Mr. Skoog is really into indie rock, and that’s a band name plastered on his flak jacket.

The big mystery to me with this figure is the mine detector. Where did this thing come from? I remember Funskool mixing packages with figure and vehicle molds from other Hasbro and even Kenner toy lines, but I don’t recall accessory reuse offhand. The toy itself is odd, to say the least. There’s no apparent way for Tripwire to hold it in the same way he holds the original. It seems like a piece might be missing.


  • It looks like that game where you use the stick to push the discs across the floor whatever it’s called and he can listen to music on it at the same time.

  • Wow, so that’s where that color scheme for Tripwire came from. Check the Firefly/Storm Shadow comic pack and you’ll see Tripwire looking like this. I’d always wondered why on Earth Tripwire was in those colors. I don’t think they ever called him Tripwire in the comic, but the guy with Tunnel Rat was definitely him.

  • Tripwire certainly has some visually obnoxious uniforms. Theres the list N fun one, Tigerforce and this one.

  • One of my favorite Tripwires. Blades was cool, but this guy is Funskool Fabuloussss!

  • I like him!

  • This is one of those Funskool figures you just gotta get. So bad, he’s good!

  • I’m picturing that as the name of some 1960s/70s TV series. “Bomb Squad!”

  • Wow, Rob. I see you had the place redecorated! Gonna take some getting used to…

    (Amusingly enough, WordPress STILL won’t let me post!)

    ITEM: Why are Tripwire’s alternate uniform colors always so downright outlandish?

    ITEM: Why does his Funskool mine detector look more like a vacuum cleaner?

    ITEM: Does anyone REALLY name their kid “Tormod S. Skoog” or is it a Hama anagram?

    ITEM: How many licks does it take to get to the Tootsie Roll center of a Tootsie Pop?

    This and other answers… the world may never know.

  • @Clutch
    Tripwires last name is a slur spelled backwards but i dont think Hamma meant it to be that way. Maybe he was named after one of the guys Hamma worked with or it could be some sort of cryptic joke.

    • Joe “Clutch” Castro


      Thanks for the info. Larry did reference Marvel colleagues such as Steve Leialoha, John Morelli, and Eliot Brown in figure filecards so there is likely some neat trivia behind Tripwire’s code name. Didn’t know it was a slur used against Koreans, though. (I just looked it up now.) I’ll ask Larry about it on his Facebook page and see what I get from the horse’s mouth.

  • This Tripwire is 100% awesome! I love the colors, it’s hard to believe they all work so well together but to me, they do!
    This is a Funskool figure I really do wish I owned. The “Bomb Squad” logo takes it over the top.

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