The Power of Packaging: Talking Battle Commanders Stalker

Wow, that’s a mouthful of a post title. It’s fitting, considering that the Talking Battle Commanders spoke quite a bit, at least for the time. Hey, three lines of scratchy sampled audio was pretty amazing back then. The early 90s saw an explosion of this sort of feature, with many action figure lines sporting oversized talking backpacks. The Joes were saddled with some of the largest. Thankfully, they’re removable with a little help from a precision screwdriver.

The art here is great. It’s certainly bold, and there’s no question as to what you’re getting in the package, thanks to the try-me feature on the back. The card size was a necessity due to the figure itself, but the larger size still feels a bit weird considering the usual dimension that had been part of the line since ’82.

Talking Battle Commanders Stalker


  • In December of 1996, I found several of these Stalkers still carded at a Hills store in Hamilton, Ohio. It was still $4.99: which was a tough pill to swallow. His black weapons finally tipped me. (Plus, I bought him on my way out of town as I was moving back to Indiana for a bit.) They also had an open box Detonator with no figure. So, I just settled for the Stalker.

    I still have him, MOC. I’ve thought of opening him several times. But, the memory of finding him at retail so late in the game has kept me from doing so.

  • ”These action figures from the 1990’s, had a lot to say.”

  • I remember getting all of the talking battle commanders as well as several others for my 7th birthday in ’93. I have fond memories of the talking battle commanders; even though many others dont

  • Still my personal favorite version of Stalker

  • Every one of the Talking Battle Commanders is a great figure. And every one of them has a stupid backpack.

  • Yes, I remember seeing some TBCs in a Wal-mart for reduced prices in late 1996, or it might’ve even been late 1997. I know I was picking up BW figures instead.

    Isn’t the increased card size partly to make the package “bigger” for special feature figures that cost more than the standard assortment so the buyer just feels like it should cost more too? Or at least to differentiate the assortments hanging on the begs.

  • These figures were pretty great, but needed better paint jobs. More muted colors……

  • I still don’t know about the sneering face on Stalker, but it’s a great figure sculpt and who can argue with a guy yelling “Let’s Party!”? The flat backs are the low points for TBC figures, though.

  • Was “Let’s party” a battle cry? Would be better if done in a smooth Billy D. Williams voice…!

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