The Power of (International) Packaging: Funskool Rock ‘N Roll

Sometimes the gang over at Funskool surprises us with wild new art modified or inspired by the original domestic designs, and sometimes they stick with the originals. In the case of Rock ‘n Roll, I guess it’s a little of both. The colors certainly have been intensified, which makes sense considering the source figure. The most unique aspect here is the release of a Sonic Fighter on a normal-sized single card. This sort of thing would be nice to see with many of the sub-team figures that got stuck with the oddly sized cardbacks. Maybe some enterprising customizer has done something along these lines?



  • This is a rare figure. While he’s similar to the U.S. version, he’s really, really hard to find.

    Anecdote time. This figure was returned to Hasbro in the late 1990’s. The 2001 HQ figure was supposed to use this mold instead of the 1994 Flint. However, Hasbro didn’t use it and then returned it to Funskool. Funskool got it back and decided he was going to be a 2004 release. However, the line got cancelled before we got a new version of this mold. Would have been interesting to see what Funskool did to it a 2nd time.

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