The New Joes in Marvel Age #34

Marvel Age was the company’s monthly advertising book, a concept that took the in-house ad to the next level. Among the what’s-on-sale features were previews of upcoming comics as well as interviews with creators. Over the course of its run, the mag ran updates on the GI Joe comic. This article appeared in issue 34, which according to Mike’s Amazing World of Comics, hit newsstands and spinner racks in October of 1985. The ’86 Joes has yet to debut in the regular comic, so we’re treated to some color variations likely made based on educated guesses and wild speculation. This is the stuff of Funskool in some cases. Dig Iceberg and Lifeline! Somebody should go Hasbro Marvel Star Wars comic pack style with some customs of these guys and paint ’em up in mid-80s newsprint glory.

Also fun to point out is the article was authored by Sholly Fisch, one of my favorite current comic writers. Who knew?

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6 Responses

  1. Oh wow, many of those poses were taken straight from the original presentation art!

  2. Yt says:

    Hedge Hopper and Hot Spot

  3. Jason Obermeyer says:

    Just realized all the names were either compound words or two word phrases, even the ones they changed later on.

  4. JMM says:

    Note that Cross Country has his original file name, Arlen Slaughter, which is also used in Order of Battle. I’ve wondered if they changed it because, given that name and his rank, you could’ve called him “Sgt. Slaughter.”

  5. cyko9 says:

    Lowlight looks like his preproduction art, and the others are very interesting.

  6. JMM says:

    The Beach Head art looks especially early.

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