The GI Joe File: Part 1

Marvel Age ran quite a few GI Joe articles over the course of its run, which is no surprise considering the mag was one of the publisher’s best sellers for years. Issue 15 presents the state of Joe in real time circa 1984, and features some amazing and then never-seen Herb Trimpe art. What a time capsule peek into Joe’s Marvel Comics heyday!

We’ll be presenting the entire article over the next few days, so come back to check it out. Tomorrow features a mention of issue 21.


  • ”Short Fuse seems to be having a blast with his mortar.”

  • Short Fuse casually lets ordinance fall out of a crate tip down!

  • Hama’s diplomatic in his story of Hasbro and Marvel’s collaboration. Years later he’d mention how he got the job writing GI JOE because no one else at Marvel wanted it. Happy circumstances for fans, but you get the impression what snobs the Marvel writers must have been, either because it was a military book or a toy tie-in…both?

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