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Storm Shadow (1993 HoF)

Storm Shadow (1993 Hall of Fame)


A much as I like the original Storm Shadow figure from 1984, I must admit that the follow-up Ninja Force version also holds a place of distinction in my mind. While the spring-action feature hindered poseability, the design was an interesting departure from the standard ninja pajamas of the 80s. More >

Rapid-Fire (1993)

Rapid-Fire (1993)


1993 was an exciting year for the Hall of Fame GI Joe line. The interest created by the previous year’s releases prompted Hasbro to delve deeper into the Real American Hero cast of characters, releasing 12 inch scale versions of some of the most requested iconic Joes and Cobras. The line expanded More >


Karate Choppin’ Snake Eyes (1994 Hall of Fame)


I won’t say too much about the Hall of Fame figures’ articulation; there isn’t much to say. With Barbie cartilage elbow and knee joints that moved about three clicks, the toys were hardly up to the standards of their forefathers in terms of movement.

The series appealed to me mostly on the level More >

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