Super Cop Rescue Squad Jeep

Super Cop! For action figure criminals, his very name strikes fear in their hearts! For life-size collectors, the very mention of his name strikes fear that a thumb or crotch will break without warning! The same applies to his vehicles, unfortunately. Dang cheap Funskool plastic.

Hailing from the amazing Super Cop Rescue Squad box set, the jeep is a remold of the dependable old VAMP mold. Of course, it wouldn’t be a proper Funskool remake without a few odd additions. The jeep gets a snap-on light and also some colorful but clunky paper stickers and inserts. I particularly enjoy the Funskool branding on the hood, as well as the generic “DARE” practically hidden behind the rear gas/water can cage. And you know, I always wanted one of those removable siren/lights for our family car after watching Starsky & Hutch as a kid. Unfortunately I misplaced mine for the photo shoot, but it’s here somewhere. It snaps into the center of the rear roof support, and honestly looks like more akin to some kind of inflammation than a light.

Collecting the VAMP mold could be in itself a nice focus for a collector. This early Joe ride was released in a rainbow of colors, and adapted for many uses throughout the years. Cobra, the Dreadnoks, Action Force, the Street Fighter team have taken it into their motor pools, and Hasbro had licensed it out to several countless during the small-scale Joe heyday. It has surfaced in Collector Club convention exclusives,  exclusive Toys R Us releases, and adapted to the 25th Anniversary line.

Super Cop Rescue Squad Jeep Super Cop Rescue Squad Jeep Super Cop Rescue Squad Jeep Super Cop Rescue Squad Jeep


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