Sub-Zero (1990)

While the last bit of snow remains on the ground, I’m still in a bit of a winter mood. Not arctic, but winter. Funny how these two terms seem to be so interchangeable in GI Joe. The last time I checked  winter is a season, and the arctic a location. The arctic is cold, with ice and snow being its most distinct characteristics. Winter is different around the world, and in some places is neither cold nor snowy.

Sub-Zero is a winter operations specialist. Does that mean he’s only on duty three months out of the year? I’m probably spending way too much time thinking about this, so what about the figure?

He’s another well equipped 1990 figure, with a load of great and well detailed accessories. The fact that they changed up the type of gear for this figure is a big positive. There had already been guys with skis, snowshoes and even crampons, so Sub-Zero got a different kind of winter footwear.The gear is all around excellent, much like the rest of the class of 1990. The mortar can even store on the backpack. Very cool (pun intended).




I’ve always liked ice blue on these cold weather figures, and Sub-Zero rocks it in fine fashion. His pristine white and cool blue look right at home in some real snow. As much of a pain as it was to dig out of two feet of the white stuff this year, I’m going to miss getting my “winter” Joes out in the frosty elements. Yo snow!


  • This guy is my favorite figure from 1990. I intend to pose him in a duel with Scorpion

  • Sub-Zero is one of the last great winter/arctic figures from the vintage line. Like the original Snow Serpent and Blizzard, he is jam-packed with a ton of accessories. Be sure to check out that everything is there, because carded samples tend to lose stuff over time if the bubble comes loose. (Yeah, I speak from experience.)

    Incidentally, both the figure and his card art resemble Kwinn the Eskimo mercenary as he first appeared in issue #2 of the comic.

  • I found this guy at my flea market, and am only shy four mortars of completing him. If I recall correctly, he was repainted for the 1993 Arctic Commandos mail-away set, and everything below the neck was used for the Snake Eyes figure in the 2005 Winter Operations 6-pack.

    Can someone show me a pic of how the mortar launcher can be stored on the backpack?

  • A nice, if often overlooked arctic figure. For some reason though, he always reminds me of cake. Must be all the white with that bright light blue color that often gets used for decorative frosting. Who needs an Ice Cream Soldier when you have a cake trooper who also doubles as an arctic trooper? 😀

    I do think the 1993 mail-away looked a bit sharper though. The light blue here would probably have been better if it was a paler tint of blue.

  • I never thought to compare Kwinn to the card art, cool!

  • A lot of figures remind me of various foodstuffs due to the colors used. I’ve liked that blue frosting as well since I was a kid. Sub-Zero should make for a great cake topper.

  • I never really paid too much attention to alot of different GI Joe figures or their accessories until about 4 years ago. I was that kid that wanted the joes in the green outfits because I wanted to join the army when I grew up. All my chosen joes had to have were green uniforms and one weapon. Your articles are outstanding and very informative to all of us who will “never grow up.” 🙂 You have definitely sold Sub-Zero to me. The joes in green have always been my favorites, but I’ve always carried this slight fascination with the (winter/arctic) joes….I just never really chose them in my line ups. I think this “like” for the cold ones stems from John Carpenter’s The Thing movie. Several years ago watching the joe figure reenactment of the thing on the internet really brought it out for me concerning the cold weather joes. I eventually joined the army and went into the infantry so I could brag to a really die hard GI Joe fan/friend that I was trained in Ft. Benning just like Duke and Snake Eyes. 🙂 Love the articles! Keep up the fire!

  • The body is highly detailed and well proportioned. It’s the head that bugs me; something seems “off”. But he’s all right, and those snowshoes are awesome. Also, he came with one of the best ammo belts in the line. Is that a Remco M-60 yours is holding?

  • Last little bit of snow? I just got 20 inches of snow yesterday. 🙂

  • Dreadnok: Spirit

    He always kinda reminded me of Ice Man from the first Mega Man game. I’ve always liked this figure and it’s easily one of my top cold environment Joes. To me, this figure’s a classic.

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