Storm Shadow (2012 Renegades Pack)

The Amazon exclusive Renegades four pack was a real unexpected oddity in several ways. Released with not much fanfare, it seemed to just show up suddenly alongside the first go round of Retaliation toys. By the way, Amazon also did a five pack for the film, though it was much less interesting than this set based on the all too short lived animated series. The set also introduced a new construction element with the ninja figures.

Going back to the Renegades series, this Stormy doesn’t resemble its animated counterpart all that much. The regular single card release of the character wasn’t all that close either, aside from the inclusion of an alternate animated head and red sash. This time Storm Shadow does hew closer to the animated model in terms of its sculpt style, with a hard edged, almost cartoon cel look, especially considering the distinctively baggy pants. But the similarities sort of stop there. I’d venture to say that the mold reminds me more of Storm Shadow’s appearance in both the animated and toy forms of Sigma 6.

The hip joints are the biggest surprise here. A new ball joint construction that shows up only in this set, is still amazing to me. I’m impressed to think that as GI Joe was struggling at retail, the design team was readying a new articulation wrinkle in the already proven modern style. The effect is odd, and would certainly have taken some getting used to, but the increased posing opportunities are undeniable. The balance on this figure allows it to achieve an amazing high kick range, and our can do so without additional support. Very ninja.


  • The leg articulation looks to be based on what they do for the Marvel Universe line and while it does allow for a lot of poseability, it’s just a bit too clunky in my opinion. If you get a figure that was weirdly assembled at the factory, it takes a lot of work to get the joint lined up properly for it to work well. I agree with you in your view that he looks more like a Sigma Six Stormy rather than a Renegades, and that’s not necessarily a bad thing.

  • For a moment there, i too thought it wasd sigma 6 Stormy

  • The leg articulation looks to be based on what they do for the Marvel Universe line

    No, Marvel Universe figures have simple cut-swivels for thigh articulation (when they have thigh articulation). This is more like how the Marvel movie figures are handled.


    I wish every G.I. Joe had this much leg articulation…

  • I liked the leg construction on these figures. It’s a shame they didn’t release the toon-styled Renegades figures, they looked really nice in the concept vault pics. The sort-of-Renegades figures they actually released didn’t even show up in my town until after the show was cancelled.

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