Spearhead and Max (Funskool)

Spearhead and Max (Funskool)As Funskool figures go, Spearhead and Max don’t fare too badly. There’s no oddly recolored or replaced weapon/accessory complement, and Spearhead wasn’t given a garish uniform variation. I originally picked this figure up thinking that his helmet would make for a useable replacement for my missing Night Force version. Not quite. I was surprised however that I ended up liking this variation. It’s not as odd as the orange sherbet desert camo of old.

Max certainly won’t be missed if he wonders out into traffic at night. He’s downright fluorescent. What has Spearhead been feeding him? I think Max is actually pretty close to the color of the original Spearhead’s backpack.

Speaerhead (Funskool)


  • Aren’t here some variants that use Quick Kick’s waist?

  • “What has Spearhead been feeding him?” – I wondered the exact same thing


  • Never figured out why he had that roman-sword looking machete

  • Spearhead is a very underrated character. My only complaint about the orange which looks out of place on him.
    This version could easily be a substitute for the night force version.

    I agree with Bravo about his machette though. It looks too out of place [unless he’s Russel Crowe]

  • I’ve always loved Spearhead, no matter which color palette is used on him. He would certainly work best for most fans in subdued colors, though. It seems that he, Max, and his accessories are always turning up in garish tones for one reason or another.

    Spearhead is also easily the tallest Joe, rivaling the original ’83 Destro.

  • Not sure about hime being the tallest Joe…maybe vintage, although I never measured him against Sarge…but I loved his orange color. I always used him on the Desert Fox with the desert battlecorp Duke. Can anyone figure out why his helmet never fit right?

  • @Kick2hester
    He worked in finance and insurance before joining ups so he has a bigger brain.

  • On the little preview icon, I thought this was Night Force Spearhead with an original Max standing in. I either didn’t know or had forgotten about the Funskool version. Obviously looks based on Night Force, but different hues. Any chance of a side by side photo of them?

    Spearhead, original and Night Force, are “special” figures to me. Just got them on sorta “notably unnotable” occasions and he’s “notably unnotable” himself, being post-cartoon and not having a “special specialty”, but somehow he stuck out for me.

  • Love this version.Funskool rocks,period.

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