Snake Eyes (2012 Renegades)

It’s funny to think that for all the stylistic flair of the Renegades animated series designs, the initial single carded figures didn’t fully reflect the show’s look. Then Amazon released their surprise four pack, and fans got a taste of what had been planned for  future Renegades toys. Hasbro also displayed other unreleased toys at JoeCon, including the team’s main ride, the Coyote. It’s a shame that stuff didn’t make it to market.

Snake Eyes is even more faithful to his animated look than the standard single carded release. Not only is the figure outfitted in the Renegades trenchcoat, but the sculpt of the toy incorporates the hard edges and stylized elements that were hallmarks of the show’s animation.

The posed shape of the trenchcoat somewhat inhibits poseability, especially at the  ball joined hips, where the figure’s movement is most impressive. Like the Ninja Viper and Storm Shadow from the same pack, Snakes could move into some amazing poses. That is, within the confines of his coat. Still, the figure looks great, and even if he can’t exactly high-kick, Snake Eyes is a fine rendition of the character from an under-appreciated chapter of GI Joe animation.



  • Under-appreciated is right–which makes me wonder, if they had greenlit a second season, what would they have done? Would they even have a new subtitle? Since the team was no longer a group of ‘renegades’, what would go from there?

  • A pity Renegades only lasted one season

  • I’m really not a fan of solid plastic capes and trenchcoats. Kenner started that bad trend in 1995 when they relaunched Star Wars. Just make soft goods, what, do they think kids are going to choke on cloth? Hasbro puts spring launchers with everything, THOSE should be banned! Done the old Battlestar Galactica ships that didn’t fire all the way out!

  • @Vaughn Allan
    I agree.
    Forget the Imperial dignitary. The worst star wars figure of all time is Nute Gunry. His stiff plastic robes hinder all his articulation. He’s not so much a figure as he is a salt shaker

  • Nice concept, but it is too cartoonish for my tastes…

  • I totally forgot this figure even existed! Seems like a must-own for any Renegades fan.

  • I was disappointed that Renegades didn’t continue, too. And I was kind of disappointed a lot of Joe fans didn’t embrace the show. Sure, it was a variation on G.I. Joe, but it was still a pretty good show. Plus, based on the ending of the final episode, I think it could’ve transitioned into a more traditional version of G.I. Joe, with a new team ready to go and Cobra turning into a terrorist group with a grudge against the Joes. I wonder how it would’ve done if they started out that way.

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