Shipwreck (2007 Sigma 6)

I liked the Sigma 6 figures from the beginning, but as the series went on, and changed up its look a bit, I began to become even more interested in it. The initial offerings depicted the characters all outfitted in the same style of suits, with plugs and separately colored textured undersuits. Heads, weapons and detachable gear set each one apart according to their established specialty.  Later figures changed this up, and did away with some of the earlier standard “Sigma suit” look.

Shipwreck is dressed more akin to his appearance in the Devil’s Due comic than his classic action figure. The sweater and watch cap are much more subdued than his typical sailor look of the 80’s. His parrot, Polly, is also missing, replaced by a new monkey that sits on his shoulder. I don’t have a problem with this, as its presence adds a different flair to Shipwreck’s look. If the open mouth looks odd, it’s that way in order for him to hold his knife between his teeth, pirate-style. A very cool and unique feature.

He generally seems now to be more of an adventurer, and possibly he picked up the monkey on some exotic mission to Africa, or maybe he “acquired” him from a band of pirates he’d encountered in his travels. He could easily fit in with the later Sigma 6 Adventure Team sets.

Shipwreck has also picked up some new tattoos. One arm features a mermaid among other nautical imagery, while the other showcases a series of names that I assume (knowing Shipwreck) were either women who’d had enough of his advances or were simply wishful thinking on the part of old Hector. Then again, maybe he followed the old adage and did have a girl in every port.


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