Sgt. Hacker (2003)

Whenever the Joes encountered a tech or computer issue back in the day, they generally relied on their communications specialists. First, it was Breaker (and Sparks in the toon), then later Dial-Tone. Short-Fuze, Clutch and Steeler’s out-of-the-blue design and build of a killer satellite in the MASS Device mini-series doesn’t count, by the way–that ridiculous thing was shot down in ten seconds. Anyway, it wasn’t until Mainframe showed up in ’86 that the team finally had a computer specialist.

Flash forward to the 2000’s, and the team introduced three tech guys within a few short years. Sgt. Hacker was the first, released in the Spy Troops series. As such, he included several pieces of snap-on equipment that could conceal him as a Cobra character, Firefly in this case. The disguise parts were bulky and not too effective on the whole, but the play pattern was fun and the Firefly mask fit well over the head. The mask even makes for a nice bit of equipment for Hacker to use as his own.

Speaking of which, that’s one thing lacking for the figure–headgear. Most Joes, even those without a combat specialty, wear some sort of head protection. It’s very odd. Also of note, he didn’t include any sort of computer hardware. I suppose that’s not a huge issue, since he appears to have a lot of tools and equipment attached to his uniform, but I suppose we’re so used to things like Dial-Tone’s backpack and Mainframe’s computer suitcase that Hacker looks like he’s missing something. He’s not missing out on firepower however, as he’s toting a substantial looking rifle. I’m glad to see a tech based Joe carrying something more than a sidearm. Heck, poor Breaker’s figure came in his package unarmed.


  • Sgt. Hacker and other two were introduced around the time that Mainframe was killed off in the DDP comics, so my bet is that one of these guys was set to replace him. The Internet age was also kicking it into high gear and computer experts were very much in. This guy looks anything but one, though. In the end, Mainframe is not only back, but in his classic gear as well.

  • He looks more like a paratrooper with the harness and carabiners. The new sculpt era introduced some interesting characters, but their figure designs vary.

    • Funny you should mention the paratrooper bit–on, username LIVEVIL used that torso for a newsculpt Airborne custom.

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