Sears 1986 Wishbook Page

What better way to run-up to Christmas than with some more catalog pages? Here’s the GI Joe page from the 1986 Sears Wishbook, complete with the amazing Terrordrome dominating the scene. Wonderful! Put me down for a case! Even better is a small shot of the ultra-cool Dreadnok exclusives. Oh yeah, the Flagg is way down there on the bottom too.



  • ”Now that’s what I’m talking about!” ”1986 Sears Christmas Wishbook Catalog”. ”Has all of the G.I.Joe/Cobra favorites, for everyone who collects G.I.Joe:A Real American Hero Vehicles /Action Figures from Series 5, during Christmas 1986.” ”My favorite part of this catalog, is looking at the Cobra Terror Drome, and the 1986 Cobra Night Raven S3P Black Jet Spy Plane,(my favorite vehicle from Series 5(1986).”Oh, and no one can forget the Dreadnoks vehicles/action figures.”

  • This is the catalog page I remember best. I wanted pretty much everything pictured.

  • They sure knew how to sell toys in the ’80’s.

    $17 for a Tomahawk seems cheap. I saved for a while to buy mine, but $17 was only about 2 weeks’ worth of lawn mowing money. But, I guess with all the comics and other things I bought, it would have taken me a bit. Plus, back then, $17 would have seemed like a fortune.

  • I don’t think I ever saw this catalog back in the day. I have no recollection of the Dreadnok exclusives.

  • This is better than eighty five

  • Re release everything here

  • I remember this catalog so well; Sears was a few bucks cheaper than anywhere else for the Terror Dome. I was lucky enough to get one that year for xmas and of course it was ordered from this page.

  • If the molds still exist they could just start making them again.

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