Scarlett (2011 Renegades)

The Renegades cartoon really grew on me. At first, I thought the designs were odd, but that opinion was based on a few drawings posted online. Once I saw the animation itself, I found myself liking the new style. It was something different. The same goes for the storyline and characters. It wasn’t a rehash of what had come before, which was refreshing, and it thankfully wasn’t a continuation of the movie.

Scarlett was also a refreshing change of pace in the show. She was confident, capable, and I daresay had more presence than Duke. That’s not to say that the Sunbow Scarlett was a shrinking violet who couldn’t do anything for herself, but her role in that version of GI Joe was much different.

The action figure follows suit, with a look that defies notions of what the Joe team’s most famous female member should look like. She’s not wearing militarized 80’s workout gear this time, instead outfitted for action with a look that’s not overtly military and still retains a few hallmarks of her old look. She still wears the red ponytail, a simple thing to keep, but you never know what could have changed with a reboot. She’s also equipped with a bulletproof vest, much like the other figures in the line. The vest calls to mind a bit of the shape and color of her original counterpart’s bodysuit.

Articulation is excellent, per the modern style, but side swiveling ankle joints have been added. This simple inclusion opens up a lot more posing possibilities, and improves the overall stability of the figure when setting up wide stances and off-balance poses.


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