A few posts ago, I mentioned Cover Girl’s less than glamorous looks, and the attractiveness
of the figure in relation to toy design of the time. Scarlett here was produced just a few years ago, and yet there’s still something off about this head sculpt. While the foyer doesn’t come across as ugly, and does resemble Rachel Nichols well, it looks odd nevertheless.

Maybe the issue with these realistic likenesses is similar to the “dead eyes” issue often seen when CG tries to mimic real actors’ faces. The Polar Express is a good example. We all know what Tom Hanks looks like, and we can even picture his face in our minds. Yet when a computer generated representation was on-screen, most people were creeped out. I think the same can hold true with toys, if the sculpt or paint job is off just a bit.

I wasn’t too impressed with the movie uniform designs, especially the fact that they were all black. I understand the limited use of color in the costumes on film vs a cartoon, but it was still a disappointment to not see very many nods to the action figures of old. Scarlett however does still have a version her signature crossbow.

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