Outback (1993 Battle Corps)

What happens when a survivalist’s best pair of jeans fall into a vat of radioactive sludge? He joins the GI Joe Eco Warriors, of course. Then he dons his official OSHA Inspector yellow hard hat and takes to US military bases, scouring them for negligent and willful violations of proper HAZCOM and HAZWOPER protocols. Outback used to spend his time in extended grueling wilderness survival training, but now he spends hours training up on OSHA regulations. You can never be too careful when it comes to materials handling, especially the oozy-glowy kind. That’s how I justified Outback Oddpants in my Joeverse. I need professional help, if you hadn’t already guessed .

The story behind the variations goes that he and Snow Storm were intended for the Eco Warriors sub-team, but were later switched out to be in the main Battle Corps line. Both figures had their Eco Warriors deco changed later in the same series.


  • Odd scheme–should’ve been repainted in better colors. I’m surprised the Club never used this mold for a con set, he would’ve been a great addition to their Operation Anaconda exclusive from 2003, maybe with a small vehicle.

  • He would’ve been the only Eco-Warrior without a protective mask.

    He’s a good survivalist, but not that good!

  • I got the Eco-Warriors versions of both Outback and Snow Storm at a comic store for $7 bucks each after the variant mania had cooled down. I don’t think anyone ever cared that these two didn’t make the Eco-Warriors given their specialties (a survivalist and a snow trooper) although Outback might have made that Village People tribute boxed set I mentioned the other day.

  • Are Outback’s pants made of the same color-change plastic as the rest of the Eco Warrior figures?

  • I really like this mold. It’ has great potential that was unfullfilled in the US. However, the Brazilian Marfim figure is exceptionally well done and is a grat update to this mold. Unfortunately, that figure has basically become impossible to find.

  • I think I might actually look for two of the non-Eco Warriors color version, and paint the neon details on one of them into more appropriate colors for a survivalist.

  • Blue, orange, teal, pea green and yellow. Finish up with sensible black.

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