Major Bludd (1994 China)

As a kid, I always wanted an update of Major Bludd. Unfortunately that didn’t happen until the Sonic Fighters sub line, which was released at a time when I didn’t much care anymore. I still enjoyed his new version, although it would have been nice to see the mold in his trademark colors rather than blue. Until that actually happened in 2000, this 1994 Major Blood fit the bill as my favorite new version of the Cobra mercenary.

The Chinese Major Bludd as he’s popularly known, was something of an anomaly among the figures released on Chinese cards near the end of the Real American Hero line. Most of his brethren were identical to their original counterparts (Flint and Duke were also exceptions).

This version shares parts with a couple of different molds, including General Flagg and the Lamprey. The combination makes for an intriguing new look for the Major as he seems to be wearing a cold environment flight suit. I wonder if this is meant to be an homage to his Sonic Fighters version, which came with a jet pack. This sort of suit certainly looks like it could offer some protection from the elements during flight.

Including Dodger’s rifle was a nice touch, as it harkens back to his old missile handgun. The Major’s armored left arm is conspicuously absent again, as it was for his Sonic Fighter mold, furthering the mystery of the appendage. Was it armored or robotic?


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