Low Light (DIC mini-series custom)

Custom action figures are a big part of the Joe collecting community. Most fans at one time or another have wanted to have a figure of a character that was never officially produced by Hasbro. The nature of vintage Joe construction made it easy to swap parts for figure to figure, and the huge number of individual parts created over the years makes it possible to come up with thousands of combinations. When the perfect part isn’t available, some customizers will even sculpt their own details or even sculpt entirely new parts.

This is Low Light based on his appearance in the DIC produced Operation Dragonfire mini-series. The sub group known as Slaughter’s Marauders were featured throughout. Low Light was intriguing for his portrayal as one of the more cynical members of the Joe team. While the other Joes are busy being cookie-cutter good guys, Low Light seems to have a smart remark for most occasions. The voice actor also did his best to approximate Clint Eastwood. The animated versions of the group differed greatly from their official action figure counterparts, which were painted in a three stripe pattern of brown and green with blue highlights. This custom is a simple parts swap and repaint. Low Light was repainted to more closely resemble his animated look, and  the original arms were replaced with Tunnel Rat’s, to give him short sleeves.

To check out GI Joe customs from talented customizers from all over the world, check out Joecustoms.com.


  • That’s a cool part of Joe collecting that I think makes it unique. I haven’t heard of Barbie collectors doing that. Who made this custom?

  • who are you on Joe Customs? I’m assuming you’re on the board there due the he who brawls big allusion in the Funskool Brawler profile. You’d have to be a board member to be in on the joke I think. 🙂

    nice work on this custom. Low-Light was the only Joe well characterized in “Op: Dragonfire” and this repaint recreates the ‘toon version beautifully. Love the goggles especially.

    • I am brothervoodoo on Joecustoms. I don’t post much in the way of the forum. I think I have a total of seven figures on the site, five of which are Slaughter’s Marauders from Operation Dragonfire. Haven’t been too much into customizing lately. I have lots of ideas I’d like to find the time to get to.

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  • This is much better than the Marauders version. Good job!

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