Law (Funskool)

Law (Funskool)Say what you will about Funskool’s GI Joe output in the 2000s, but there was no shortage of toy features built into the line. Sometimes there were even a few clever add-ins that had no domestic corollary. Case in point–Law. I can’t think of a figure that I’d be more surprised to see provided with a gaggle of kid friendly accessories.

Said accessories are a group of small cards, each labeled Top Secret, along with a special red cellophane GI Joe decoder card. The whole package reminds me of the cereal premiums of old, and even harks back to the days of secret decoder rings and the like that were popular with my father’s generation. It’s a strangely cool throwback that’s unlike anything I can remember during Joe’s 80s heyday.

In terms of paint scheme, Law is most similar to the 2000 Real American Hero Collection release. Of course, this wouldn’t be a Funskool toy without a bit of weirdness thrown in, so Law gets a nicely sized cookie duster. I never would have pictured him to rock a Selleck-stache, but he pulls it off. Okay, so it’s painted on a la Groucho Marx, but I can give him a pass on that account. Maybe it’s part of a disguise or something. I wonder if Kirk Bozigian ever sported a moustache?

Law (Funskool)Law (Funskool)Law (Funskool)Law (Funskool)


  • Those colors are pretty tame for Funskool, and his badge makes sense for the character. A solid offering from India.

    The mustache works for a cop–and it’s no more painted-on than the rest of his face!

  • I actually just got the 2000 Law today for the first time. I was immediately impressed with it and all sorts of uses for him and the Sure Fire figure started racing through my head. I was ready to call that Law my default version of him and outside of the completely different 90s iteration of the character, reserved to not buy another…………then i saw this post. For some reason i cannot explain, i want this “stached” version in my collection. Looks like I’m not done with Joes favorite k-9 toting MP yet.

  • That actually looks like a good figure. Especially when you consider some of Funskools other efforts.

    By the way, i do have a moustache. I’ve never been mistaken for Tom Sellick though. But i have been mistaken for Ned Flanders.

  • Joe “Clutch” Castro

    I actually like Law’s mustache better than that goofy smile of his. Maybe it would’ve suited the U.S. releases as well, but then fans might have complained that he looked too much like Mutt.

    The accessories and pack-ins are cool, too. I’m not a huge Funskool fan per se, but I’d gladly pick them up right now if it gave us something to find at retail once the 50th stuff dries up.

  • Someone really put some thought into the decoder and cards for this! The figure isn’t garish enough that I’d chase it, but I like how he and Cross Country grew facial hair for their trip to South Asia.

    • I was the guy who had put the card and decoder accessory in that product. I was the product officer incharge of GI Joe at Funskool those days. Was head for almost 18 months. So a few odd Funskool G I Joe’s can b blamed on me.

      Rajesh Gopinathan

  • Just wanted to say: Go Royals!

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