Lanard Toys 2014 Warehouse Sale

It’s the most wonderful time of the year…for a GI Joe knock-off enthusiast and weird toy collector. Lanard Toys’ local distribution center opens its doors around Thanksgiving most years, and presents a treasure trove of playthings, from the mundane to the sublime. This year, we’ve got a more in-depth walk through of the sale that hopefully gives you a more hands-on feel for the place. Just seeing aisles of toys stacked high is a pleasure and a blast from the past. My early favorite item this year is the 12 inch two-pack with the bipedal mutant rat/bear thing. Gotta love those nutty international toys!

Check out the video, and also peruse the gallery below the feed. Although there’s not much GI Joe merchandise to buy in stores this year–let the holiday shopping season begin!

Special thanks to Mrs. Joe A Day for her capable camerawork!





  • Rob, thanks to you and your wife for a great video tour! I’ve always been intrigued by your mentions of the Lanard warehouse sale. Where is this place? Did they mind that you were filming?

    Can’t wait to see your haul. I have to admit, I’m REALLY intrigued by the Star Force stuff and hope I can still track down some of that stuff online.

  • Can’t go wrong with Combat Buzz Lightyear!

  • Wish i was there.
    The S.T.A.R force stuff shown is from the 1997 relaunch

    • AH, okay. Still really old stock. I want a couple of those Space Cowboys soooo bad. That campy kind of sci-fi stuff is right up my alley. Don’t see them anywhere online.

  • Man, I’d love to know where some of this stuff is even sold. I never see it outside of these posts (I only ever see their Corps! products at Wal-Mart), and some of it seems really cool!

  • Looks like a blast! So fun that you can take your son now. I have to admit the space stuff is my favorite.

  • It looks like that chopper pilot is going to need a “Heroic Rescue” pretty soon too.

  • I like the o-ring Special Forces vintage set. I think I have most of those molds in my collection already. Some of Lanard’s vehicles for the 3/34 scale are really cool. I like that FANG style copter, too.I really don’t like most of their modern style figures, however.

  • I’d like to have a pair of the Lunar 6 wheelers for customize them as Oktober Guard vehicles.

  • Rob, so is this a yearly warehouse type sale Lanard do?
    Hamleys is a prestigious toy store in the heart of London, on Regents Street. I recall Hamleys did an exclusive line of Corps stuff repackaged as you saw it in the video…

    If you Google “Wilko”, a lower tier value chain of home goods, DIY, cleaning products etc, they should have their own line of repackaged Corps items. I think some of the figures are done in different colours to their Corps versions. They even do 3 packs with 2 current style t crotch sculpts and one figure, worryingly, has only 5 points of articulation like 1970s Kenner Star Wars or Hasbro’s cost cutting crappola now. That Willys Style Corps Jeep is in the UK at Wilko sans the launchers. I wondered what the sculpted cylinder in the trunk was until seeing the “proper” version in your video. They even sell single carded figures, 8 in all, 3 Seaborne types, 3 Desert Tan types and 3 Jungle green types based on current t crotch sculpts. The packets are very simple, olive drab green and white. They cost about $2 a single figure. They also have a massive playset helicopter transport or jet type thing.

  • Ps, the big set I mentioned was The Flying Fortress. Same chopper, 3 figures, few different vehicle/sundry accessories. Different packaging.

  • There’s non-lunar military versions, ready for some Russian labels. One of those things in the 90’s I said I get but never got around to.

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