• Video is private. Can’t see it.

  • I like these little gizmos. I just completed the Anti-Aircraft gun a few weeks ago.

  • When i was a kid, i had Laser in the light on VHS. It was the 1987 rerelease of the episode so it inlcuded adds from ’87. One of them was this as well as Sergeant Slaught & Tripple T tank, Dreadnock cycle, Cobra pogo and Cobra wolf. I could quote all those commercials backwards.

  • One wonders about the moments Croc Master needs to cross ravines with his pet gator.

  • Save a couple, these were actually pretty cool and semi-useful. Only one problem with both rope crossers: the harness clips split when you attached them to the machine. Then the figures fell off easily. Never would’ve thought Croc Master was so courageous.

  • Those kids are on a sugar kick from eating too much Action Stars cereal. I love how they got Jackson Beck from the Sunbow cartoons to do the commercials as well.

    Despite being flimsy, these Action Packs were awesome to me and anything that involved rope crossing was especially neat. Wind-up action features were perennial evergreens among toys of the late 20th century and they are sorely missed.

  • From the view of the products being extra things to expand the range of play battles, I think these are great. I would have preferred more battle station units like an Ammo Dump, though.
    I had a pom-pom gun at one point, and I don’t know exactly where it ended up going. I may have preferred to make the “bam-bam” sounds myself, or the sound of the wind up mechanism was not appealing…. oh, hey, how cool would that pom-pom be with action and SOUND. SO do-able. Hire me.

    The only other ones I remember off hand seeing in person were the ‘Joe rope crosser and the Cobra mountain climber. Both of which were more played with in a novelty fashion, more just to try them out and see if they could make it to where they were going.

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