Jet Skier (Lanard Toys)

What would you do if I said the words Lillian Vernon and Lanard toys in the same sentence? Would you stand up and walk out on me? Maybe you would quickly click the back button on your browser, and come back tomorrow for an actual GI Joe figure? That would be fine, but I think you’d be missing out.

In my collecting of Lanard’s flagship toyline, and frequent GI Joe imitator, I’ve sought out the figures that most strike my fancy in terms of oddness. I suppose I’m the same way with GI Joe, and many other toylines, but at times Lanard seems to be a bottomless pit of toy crazniess. Among the K-9 Corps, Blade Warriors, and phantasmagorically funky Space Cowboys, I thought I’d seen it all.

Then during a search online for more Lanard toy info, I happened upon a listing for a Lillian Vernon jet ski. Weird, but not unexpected, as Lanard had produced many toy vehicles over the years. It wasn’t until I did some more digging through the few Corps! related messages on various toy forums that I discovered a figure was part of the set, and exclusive at that.To find that a mail order catalog company sold toys back in the 80s-90s wasn’t all that surprising. To find that they sold an exclusive figure/vehicle combo was surprising.

The jet skier is a combination of the Chopper head and Shark body. The two disparate parts wouldn’t seem to fit together, but as this is the only helmeted CORPS! head that could pass muster as sporting headgear, it serves its purpose.

Sadly, I have yet to locate an original jet ski for the figure to ride. I hold out hope that I’ll discover one at the annual warehouse sale, or via an obscure auction. Until then, my jet skier mans one of the miniature jet sleds packaged with many a CORPS! figure back in the 80s. If I ever find one of the battery powered beauties as shown below (hopefully the one with the ginchy yellow and vac-metal finish), you know it’s going in the tub at least once during the kiddos’ bath night. You know, for research.


  • I have been collecting “The Corps” and trying to complete my set of “Gung-Ho” carded figures for nearly 15 years.

    I have never seen this before.

    Why do you make my life tuff? Now I must track it down and the stupid sled.

    • Does anyone know the value of the figure that went with this. I ACTUALLY HAVE ONE AND HAVE HAD ONE FOR YEARS. i had absolutely no idea what or who he was.

  • Joe “Clutch” Castro

    Imagine the wackiness that could have ensued had Hasbro joined forces with Harriet Carter.

    I’m with Shadow Contact, now that I’ve seen those sleds, no way are they staying out of my vintage 80’s/90’s o-ring era Corps! want list! That green and purple one with the chrome finish has got Miami Vice written all over it. Chuckles shall pursue it in the Devilfish! Yes he shall!

  • I would love to get a couple of those sleds!

  • Gah and i thought Transformers G2 colours schemes were obnoxious.

  • When I read “Lillian Vernon” and then saw the figure I thought “wait, was that the name of the mustachioed cross-dressing homeless singing telegram character from the Fisher King?!?” and thought you were going to talk about how the figure looks like that particular actor. How’s that for an obscure reference? “LID–EE–AAAAAAHHHHHH!!”
    Nice bright colors on those jetski brothers. The vac-metal chrome appears to be pink!? That’s just icing on the cake…

  • Crappy action figure!

  • So garish, even Funskool would be jealous. But he’s certainly designed with intent.

  • It’s the Crash Dummies style stunt jeep that was the great non-military Lanard set. I think only SAMS carried it.

  • @Bravo
    Was it a neon yellow affair with an orange bulls head at the front. If so, i had that when i was a kid.

  • One I had was red. It as the same design as the Corps army jeep, but the ramming the bumper made parts fly off. Included 2 figures (kitbashed from existing parts with new colors) a barricade, some barrels and a plastic and cardstock ramp.

  • Not a great figure by itself but you add in that vehicle…too sweet!

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