Introducing Halloweek 2014

Fall is such an amazing time in my little corner of the world. The leaves are changing into the most amazing shades of reds, yellows, and oranges. There’s that perfect time of the year when the changed leaves just start to fall, and the temperatures get a bit cooler, the sun goes down a little earlier. Things are generally a little rainy and gloomy; the perfect time to start thinking about that most amazing of holidays–Halloween. It’s the creepiest, spookiest, most wonderful (to me) time of the year. I’ve been a fan of horror/monster movies since I was a child, growing up watching local horror programs like Friday Fright Night and horror host Crematia Mortem on Saturday nights, and checking out all the monster movie books from my school library. Although there are plenty of movies, books and toys to last year-round, Halloween is the culmination of it all, just as it was in childhood. I replaced trick-or-treating with horror movie watch-a-thons, but the excitement is still palpable come October 31st. My kids are even old enough this year to get out and enjoy some trick-or-treating. I guess I’ll have to wait a few years to introduce the horror movies.

Heck, If I didn’t admin a GI Joe blog, I’d probably be running with something monster/horror themed. There are a metric crap-ton of wonderful horror and monster themed blogs and sites out there, so it’s probably best that I stick to the niche of GI Joe. However, I couldn’t let another Halloween pass without finding a little spooky flavor to cover within the Joeverse. Stay tuned all Halloween week (Halloweek?) for spooky, creepy and monster-y posts. Pleasant nightmares!


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