Guillotine (2006)

Well, here I am again, trying to spread some love for the 2000’s Joes. There were some genuine diamonds in the rough of this now forgotten era. Case in point: Guillotine, part of one of the DTC/Toys R Us exclusive packs that brought to a close the “new sculpt” era.

The multi packs of the time were hit or miss, but this one is interesting in that it presents both a new Cobra force (the Plague) as well as a new interpretation of a favorite Joe sub-group (Steel Brigade). The Plague was introduced in the Devil’s Due GI Joe comic as Cobra Commander’s answer to the GI Joe team’s makeup of specialists drawn from all military forces. The Plague was therefore composed of specialists from various types of Cobra units such as Snow Serpents, Range Vipers, SAW Vipers, Night Creepers, Laser Vipers and Crimson Guards. Also present on the team were several existing Cobra characters like Blackout, Interrogator and Munitia.

Guillotine is the leader of this new Cobra force, and is one of the baddest of the baddest of the baddest. A former Navy SEAL and Cobra Eel without equal, he’s quite a ruthless and merciless individual, to the level of Cobra Commander himself.

The use of the Cobra Coils mold is very effective, as the tight fitting uniform brings to mind a wet suit, appropriate for a former SEAL and Eel. It’s also a taller and bulkier mold when compared to other new sculpt figures. The gear is new, including the stylized helmet, backpack and cool skull-and-spine handled sword. It all adds up to a very imposing figure, and one of my favorites of the era. It would be nice to see it in the modern style with a more comic accurate uniform.


  • Now I know how to spell guillotine!

    ….Good blog btw

  • Guillotine is a character with lots of potential and well suited for the current line. The 2000’s Joes are the RAH brand’s odd men out, sadly enough. They began with an o-ring-less sculpt that had near zero articulation. (Later adopted by the Corps figures and other knock-off lines.) Then you have the size differences between early Joe vs. Cobra/Spy Troops and the DTC offerings which mixed both styles. Lots of new characters and cool updates for older ones but enough inconsistency for collectors to ignore them in favor of the Classic and 25th Anniversary designs.

  • Steven B. Williams

    Ooh, sinister. I hope he gets the 25th Anniversary treatment (thought the skull sword is a bit much).

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