Feb 09

GI Joe Retaliation Press Pics

I’m not really a news site, but these figures have me really excited, especially the Kre-O. Here are the Hasbro press shots.



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  1. Clutch

    Finally, the long-awaited Kwinn figure! Is it too early to rave about the “Eaglehawk” yet? Best G.I. Joe news in years. :)

  2. Skymate

    You guys in the U.S.A are lucky. The R.O.C toyline tanked so badly over here that no shop [except maybe an odd comic shop] will touch JOE merchandise. That and kids over here would rather play Korean card games and video games then with little toy soldiers

  3. Acer

    Wow, they really took Budo literally, didn’t they?

  4. giTom

    Everything looks amazing! Not so excited about the Crimson Guard.

    That Eaglehawk – just WOW! WANT IT NOW!!!

  5. Nega

    Don’t collect modern, but that Cobra Commander is pretty cool. I found the 25th version lacking. Eagle Hawk is nice, would’ve appreciated more years ago.

    I think they’ve gone too ninja happy…again.

  6. Kansas Brawler

    Nega, it’s a pretty ninja heavy movie…I think assuming the line shifts gears after the movie like they did after Rise of Cobra, it’ll be back to normal. That being said, I’ll put up with all the ninjas in the world if it means I get a crack at Kwinn and the Eaglehawk.

  7. Clutch

    I missed out on the 1986 Tomahawk and that mistake won’t happen again. At $39.99 I’m getting at least two. My 25th Lift-Ticket will go in the cockpit along with Wild Bill or Crazylegs and 30th Lifeline will be in the back.

    I had given up on seeing this beauty again after reading that the molds had been lost or something. It’s the best new Joe news in years!

  8. Scott

    That Eaglehawk is the biggest, brightest, best-est, thing I’ve seen in awhile. Well, for me, anyway. I see some good stuff, interesting stuff, but Eaglehawk blows them all away.

    What’s really cool, is the opportunity for fans that don’t have a Tomahawk, or if they have a well-worn-missing-something Tomahawk, to get that solid tandem chopper into their collections.

    It’s an all time “top-ten” vehicle for me, looks like it is worth the wait!

  9. Jeremy

    Kwinn looks awesome. Even though I have just completed restoring a vintage Tomahawk after spending 50 dollars in parts, I would love to get a minty fresh one! That cobra mini-copter looks interesting, as does the new Crimson Guardsmen.

  10. Neapolitan Joe

    COBRA COMMANDER IS COOL! Stra cult items!

  11. Jester

    Not much that’s actually new here, is there? Apart from Storm Shadow, Budo, the Eaglehawk and the KRE-O, this is all, quite literally, “so last year”.

  12. Neapolitan Joe

    My friends, the new Tomahawk really rocks!

  13. Carson

    Nice pics!

    The Storm Shadow and Cobra Commander figures almost make me want to break down and collect modern era.

    Did you notice the headset in the passenger seat of the Tomahawk? Love it.

  14. Jester

    The box graphics imply the set will include two.

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