Firefly (2011 Renegades)

Firefly’s 1984 figure is one of the most iconic designs in the Real American Hero line. The masked head, urban camo and unique accessories all give the character a coolness level in geek circles that rivals Star Wars’ Boba Fett. The familiar uniform has had a few redesigns over the years, of varying degrees of success.

Looks like someone took his code name literally when writing the Cobra saboteur into the Renegades series. His first appearance makes him out to be as much an arsonist as a saboteur. Regardless of his new background, the new figure retains much of Firefly’s original “feel” (including the old standby phone) while putting a new twist into the design.

The torso and legs underneath are a Resolute Cobra trooper, but aside from what can be seen of the legs, it doesn’t stand out as an obvious reuse. I don’t have a problem with the Renegades designs, but I am not feeling the mask design on this guy. And what’s with the high collars that almost everyone in the show seems to wear? Is it the latest fashion fad ten minutes in the future?


  • He looks mean enough, I’ll give him that. I wasn’t too happy with the ’92 Firefly or his new origin because the original was perfect enough as he was. I didn’t watch the Renegades series but it’s a fact of life by now that between the newer movie and TV adaptations, the original figure designs will be severely tweaked every once in a while. This guy might be Firefly someday to a younger generation of fans, but I’m not exactly holding my breath.

  • The way his brow is all furrowed he looks really angry, might be because his nose is so cold.

  • The Renegades Firefly was voiced by Peter McNichol or all people, so he sounded a bit like X the X-Terminator from Harvey Birdman: Attorney at Law. Different take on the character, more of a destructive-craving loon than badass jerk.

    Yeah, every Cobra on that show wore a high collar and/or jacket/coat.

    Don’t get the exposed nose thing, takes off some “cool” points.

    • I don’t entirely agree that this figure is a bad one. I will agree that some of the aesthetics don’t entirely work, however. If nothing else, much of it works great as a sort of blank slate for customs, those that don’t work in that capacity still work well with some modifications,, which is why I picked up a few of them.

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