Depthcharge (2005)

This is a figure that makes me want to see a modern adventure themed Joe line. What could be wrong with having a sub-line of modern GI Joe figures dedicated to non-military subjects like police, firefighters, paramedics and explorers or even scientists? The modern 12 inch line is already doing it with police and firefighters, and toy makers like Chap Mei are producing 3 & 3/4 inch scaled jungle, arctic and underwater sets, many with small vehicles and even animals, much like Joe’s old Adventure Team sets.

I know the Collectors Club recently produced a few small Joe sets based on their bigger 70’s ancestors, but I’m talking about going for a fresh take on the idea, a bit like Hasbro tried with the Sigma 6 Adventure Team sets. I think it could add some fresh excitement to the Joe line. It could even be a way to incorporate old Hasbro properties like COPS into the Joe universe. I’d buy those!

Depthcharge is another in a line of Joe divers who look like they could be civilians. The original versions of Torpedo to Wet-Suit and even the later Wet-Suit and other repaints had a kind of non-military vibe to me. Depthcharge fits the adventure theme to a T for me–the only thing missing is a giant shark for him to hunt.


  • Is it just me, or do the goggles look a little funny? It’s like the lenses are meant for someone cross-eyed.

  • I had the blue version of this guy and he was among my favorites from the new sculpt era. I’m all for a new incarnation of the Adventure Team as well. Heck, I actually wrote Hasbro way back around 1988 and sent them a bunch of handmade blueprints for non-military vehicles and accessories. I think one of my designs ended up as a vehicle many years later during the Battle Corps era. It’s really not that difficult. Even Lanard has tried their hand at this sort of stuff and the market will always be there since it is basically “parent friendly” fare.

  • Wasn’t that ski-doo mold used during the ROC line for the Cobra Eel?

  • He is one of the few shiney moments of the “new sculpt” error,-uh-era. His arms were a bit thin but the rest of him was a pretty solid figure. I kind of slightly prefered the blue to the orange, but either one was good, I just wish his accessories looked a bit better though.

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