Decimator (1990)

As the 90’s dawned on the vintage Joe toy line, things were taking a stronger turn towards sci-fi elements. This is particularly the case with Cobra.  Decimator and his vehicle, the Hammerhead are a case of  Cobra vehicle and driver design meshing perfectly. The design of the figure’s helmet takes the vehicle name literally, as it resembles a hammerhead shark’s head. 1990 was actually a great year all around for Cobra vehicles. The Hammerhead, Hurricane, Piranha and Rage–great vehicles all. Bravo, Cobra Commander. Your attention to detail and sense of style were  impeccable that year. It almost makes up for the double-whammy Buzz Boar and Pogo fiasco of ’87.

The visor reminds me a bit of Marvel’s X-Men leader, Cyclops. That’s most likely because I’m a comic geek as well as toy geek. The more military dress style of jacket is always a welcome touch, particularly for Cobra troops. To me, it gives the figure an air of command. Overall, this guy looks to me like he’s content to stay safe in his vehicle rather than mix it up with the grunts.

Which leads me to a question, is this a trooper or an individual character? It would seem to be an individual according to the file card, but the masked head underneath could certainly work for a nameless trooper as well. But don’t let me tell you that; it’s your Joe universe, do what you want.


  • Hey just stumbled on this site by way of Flag Points…love it!

    The face under the helmet of Decimator was always one of my fav molds.

    Keep up the good work!

  • Decimator’s file card refers to both him and the Hammerhead in the singular, but it’s not specified that he is an individual character the way Copperhead and Wild Weasel are. My guess is that the file card explains how the vehicle and driver helmet work on their own. His uniform reminds me of the W.O.R.M.S. which seem to be an actual division. I agree 100% on the Cobra vehicles being hit out of the ballpark for 1990. They were the meat and potatoes of Cobra’s forces during the DIC cartoon era. We’ve seen the Rage again but I really wish Hasbro would bring back the Hammerhead, Hurricane, and Piranha as well.

  • Thanks to Flag Points I found this awesome blog site. I love these reviews!

    Decimator is an excellent figure. Cool mold, cool colors, and an awesome helmet. Now since I only have on Hammerhead and one Decimator I use it as a singular character.

  • I never had this figure or the vehicle… But it looks like a cool figure. I was still collecting GI JOE in the 1990s so I should have bought one. I kinda like how its the “Mothership” for so many smaller vehicles. Cobra still has a severe lack of mobile and permanent bases.

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