Coloring Time: Time to get to Work!

The Joe arrive in the Rolling Thunder to take out Cobra’s base. Notice a similarity to other Cobra bases in other Joe media? I guess the smaller outposts just get painted sigils rather than fully sculpted cobra heraldry. These things cost money, you know.

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4 Responses

  1. Yt says:

    Haha Cobra budgeting.

  2. RAVEN says:

    ”Guess Cobra wants to make their hideouts easy targets for the G.I .Joe Tanks, and Armored fighting vehicles, so they can get blasted to ruble?”

  3. cyko9 says:

    That upper Cobra sigil could almost double as a stylized portrait of Cobra Commander.

  4. A-Man says:

    Let’s get to work…Rock’n….Shock…Recoil?

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