• ”Snake Eyes sure is giving it to Storm Shadow.Storm Shadow should be in training,just as the lead character in the TV Western, ”Kung Fu” mini-series.You should learn well Grasshopper.”

  • James From Miami

    Right after looking at this great artwork, it reminded me of how watered down the DIC episodes were made, that they never showed a G.I. Joe character yelling, “Yo Joe”, as he then punches a bad guy in the face. Totally the opposite of the 1986 Sunbow/Marvel season two intro, where Sgt. Slaughter punches Monkeywrench in the face for pulling a huge revolver on him. That alone makes the season two intro the best one of all them, except for the 87 movie’s intro, which is even better than that one. The DIC folks had to show the Joes pulling bed sheets over the Cobra troopers’ bodies, and then wrapping it around them with a rope, which is just stupid, and fake. My guess is that either they did not want to show any kind of violence in their G.I. Joe episodes, like the one shown on this amazing artwork here, or the Hasbro folks told them that they did not want violence in those episodes. Either way, that was some early PC, before PC became a common thing.

    • It was censorship via network standards and practices that influenced a lot of cartoons, particularly network ones. The reason why no guns or hitting on Super Friends (and thus why the stories were quite strange, due in part to limitations on the writers). A prime example of network censorship is comparing the syndicated Real Ghostbusters episodes to the saturday morning episodes that aired on network tv.

      Comic fans dis the Sunbow cartoon for it’s bloodless action, but the show was considered violent and hated by parent and teacher groups. It avoided the no hitting and guns thing by being syndicated.

      And the PSA’s at the end of the episode were to appease critics and add “educational material”.

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