Coloring Time: Rise of Cobra’s Randy Ripcord

Can you believe this is a page from a coloring book? From what I can tell, it came from the same Rise of Cobra book that featured a color by number page comprised of three colors, most of which were black. Makes sense though, when you consider the movie uniforms were done in black, off black and slightly less black.

I’d like to find the actual book to see what the caption might read. Of course the likenesses don’t resemble the actors, looking more like a panel from a J. Scott Campbell comic. Danger Girl Meets GI Joe?


  • Wayans’s character here bears a strong resemblance, appropriately enough, to Williams, resident trouble-making dope and all-around dirtbag from Marvel’s The ‘Nam (which Larry Hama edited, appropriately enough).

  • This is such an odd scene for a coloring book! Maybe from a comic adaptation that they just printed in monotone? More appropriate would’ve been Ripcord cracking wise with Scarlett looking disinterested on the treadmill. Here, he looks like a slick gym rat, or worse, and undercover Cobra agent!

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