Coloring Time: Rise of Cobra Training

Ah yes, remember the training montage in Rise of Cobra? Wherein Duke not only bested Snake Eyes in hand-to-hand combat, but Brendan Fraser also cameo-ed by rolling up on a goofy three-wheeler. It was the oddest intro in GI Joe lore since Torpedo was met in the MASS Device to rousing cries of, “Hey, ‘Pedo!” Yikes.

Anyways, feel free to break out your crayons for this one, although since it’s based on the first film, I suppose you’ll only need black (and possibly grey).


  • Is Snake Eyes wearing a shirt? I have only seen that disappointing reboot one time in my life so far, so I don’t remember some of the parts of it. But anyway, why black, or possibly grey, only? Why not be creative, and go against the grain? Why not just paint them in their 1980’s colors? Although, for Snake Eyes, it would have to be most likely the 1985 colors, and not the ones from the 82-83 version. You can tell by the visor of that movie’s Snake Eyes, that it is based on the 1985 figure’s design. Anyway, is that Lt., or Sgt. Stone in the background? If so, would he have to be painted in the G.I. Joe Extreme, or the Sigma 6 colors. And, as for that pedo thing, it just goes to show how innocent humanity still was in the 1980’s. Well, the early 1980’s, to be exact. The early 80’s were mostly very peaceful, and quiet, times. Life back then was still for the most part simple, and not as complicated, and chaotic, as it is today. So, we’ll never see, or should I say hear, anything like that in a kids t.v. show ever again, unless it is about someone telling kids not to talk to strangers. We truly live in a totally different world today. Anyway, I like the realistic looking artwork very much. It reminds me of the 1980’s Sunbow cartoons.

  • Anyone else notice the mst3k reference in ROC. When Ripcord kills a viper with a forklift.

  • RoC Snake Eyes’ pervert mouth disturbs me, but it’s never disturbed me as much as it does in this artwork.

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