Cobra Trooper (2011 Renegades)

The Renegades animated series did a fantastic job of taking the Joe brand in a fresh new direction. It’s too bad it ended so soon. At least we now have some figures based on the series. Hasbro struck a nice balance of the established modern style with the likenesses of the animated characters. For the Cobra Trooper, the Renegades style shines through while still maintaining the modern look that will let it blend with other non-animated figures. The combination of security and military makes for an interesting take on the old blueshirt concept.

Extra heads are always welcome, and the one included with this figure is excellent. I love having the opportunity to create variations in army builders. The inclusion of extra heads also brings to mind Japanese toys, which often include these kinds of interchangeable body parts. I’ve always thought of those kinds of Japanese toys as geared more toward a hobbyist market, which is big on customization.

Speaking of customization, the mold would make a great base for a Sigma 6 Lockdown. Maybe I’ll make one, if I can track down another figure.


  • Such a cool figure! Hoping to get a few more.

  • I never watched Renegades so I’m not an expert on these, but it looks like he would also make for a nice SWAT-type Cobra troop much like the Alley Vipers.

  • I like this figure but I can’t figure out what to do with him in my universe. Great look to him but it’s not a good example of a good Cobra grunt. I do agrre it’d be a nice base for a Lockdown custom.

  • Wow, you’re right about his potential as Lockdown custom fodder. Heck, slap the new Lifeline head on him and you’re about done.


  • Good call, Monte….

  • What I found interesting about this figure is the showcasing of versatility of the PoC Dusty figure. From the neck to the upper knee joint it is entirely the same mold. This, to me, really shows off the skills that Hasbro designers have honed over the years for re-purposing parts to make completely different characters. I am thoroughly impressed by this, especially from the point of view as a customizer.

    Interestingly, the lower leg is redesigned (insomuch as to fit this style joint)/re-purposed from the Indiana Jones line Mutt Williams character. I know because I have attempted to use them for other things as well. In case anyone was curious about that, now you know.

  • Baggy pants and knee pads. I dunno about these guys.

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