Cobra Rage Art

I usually cover these sorts of things on the Power of Packaging feature, but this unadulterated Cobra Rage box art was too cool to pass up for a post. I’ll just let the painting do the talking, and let’s all shed a tear for the bygone days of bombastically beautiful box art and masterful marketing. Sniff.

Cobra Rage Art


  • Lots of great stuff here:

    You can see all the Rage’s play features at once. It has a lot of fun stuff and it’s hard to showcase it all.

    Check out the SAW Viper’s smaller gun. How would the figure be perceived had he included that weapon?

    The Night Creeper art is awesome.

    The color scheme matches the Rock Viper. Wonder if there was a connection at one time?

    • If Rock Viper had launched that other missile, Night Creeper would’ve gotten fried.
      Wilderness Specialist Range-Viper in an urban assualt vehicle?
      Fun to compare this box art to the 1997 Rage. Range Viper becomes Cobra Commander (the original one, not the one they made in 1997) but keeps the Range Viper gun.

    • I have wondered about the maroon/ red overall.

  • ”Cobra Rage, Cobra Rage, Watch Out G. I. Joe- It’s the Cobra Rage, Ready to unleash its Firepower on you .GI. Joe-Yo Joe!”

  • This painting (while nostalgic) brings to mind another theory of why the line is dead at retail (not counting stuff you can still pay an arm & a leg for through the GIJCC or at JoeCon). The entire idea of basing GIJOE around stopping terrorists Cobra was all fine n dandy in the 80s and early 90s because it was all theoretical – almost fictional fantasy. But now with the “recent” events of the attacks on US where we live, I think the concept of terrorism hits closer to home (literally) & not in a “fun” way like it once seemed.

    I think for Joe to ever get a foothold on retail shelves again, the premise has to revert back to the Adventure Team concept of the 70s.

    • I’d bet you are right. This would apply to the international marketing of GI Joe as well.
      It is almost like another post-Vietnam era for GI Joe, which is where Adventure team came from.
      Let’s root for Star Brigade as part of a new incarnation of the Adventure team!

    • I have to disagree.
      Action, adventure, it’s all there with G.I.Joe still …., but even G.I.Joe can’t fight the forces of giant retail distribution systems and fewer retail avenues of attack!

  • Joe had Great box art. Really got your imagination going. Real nice to look at.

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